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Subject Department Client TicketID Initiated Status/Priority Manage
How do people get paid with the bot? How to get paid Sally Annie 9 29.11.2018 3:28 pm Open / High Manage
Can I create my own chat room? How to use chat rooms These nuts 8 29.11.2018 3:22 pm Open / Medium Manage
Ad space How to advertise Apple research dept. Dun Falguy 7 29.11.2018 3:16 pm Open / High Manage
Making a meme and sharing it How do I make a meme? Clifton Adams 6 29.11.2018 3:10 pm Open / Low Manage
Do I have to be a member to make a meme? How to Submit Peter Walker 5 29.11.2018 3:06 pm Open / Medium Manage
How do I get a bot to make cash like others? How to sign up Jeff 4 29.11.2018 3:02 pm Open / Low Manage
Facebook sign up How to sign up Mike 3 29.11.2018 1:20 pm Open / Low Manage