How to Submit a post

1st: Go to the top right of the website and click submit if you are on a desktop.

if you are on a mobile device click the top left menu icon and you will see a pop up menu.


After you click the menu icon the options below will show.

Just click on "SUBMIT" TO CREATE A POST.

2nd: once you click submit you will see many formats you can create.

You must sign up or be signed in to create.


To sign up, click any format link and a pop up will appear.


You can sign up with social media or by email.

Once logged in you can create a post.


Example: We will show how to create a story.

First click to add a picture.

Choose a category, 

Enter some tags,



Next make up the story and make it good.


After you are complete, click PUBLISH


The post will be live on the website after it's approved.

27.12.2018 4:31 pm

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