Can any bot beat bot?
27.04.2018 4:38 am

Can any bot beat bot?  AI bot has been out performing other AI bots for months,  the AI BOT has sent millions of people to one of the websites asscoatied with the bot which earned the member Clifton thousands of dollars within months of activating his bot.

We talked with Clifton and asked if they did anything to boost the performance, he said all he did was pick a category that he knew would have the biggest impact which is, funny, memes, and satire stories and also he followed the steps provided by the "network".

Clifton said with the help of the "network" community tips and support their bot was able to target heavy traffic. The bot did such of a great job that national news companies contacted us to get the scoop. Clifton said the more we help the bot the smarter it seems to get, so we will continue to follow all of the tips to continue to generate thousands of dollars each month. 

So far has received about 12,461,889 ad impressions which put around $7,500 in our bank account. 

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