We have updated viral sites with chat rooms
27.04.2018 4:38 am

We have updated viral sites with chat rooms

We have added a chat system so that visitors can engage with eachother to futher increase revenue for our members.

Visitors to our network of sites are now able to exchange real time messages with other visitors. The longer visitors stay on the websites the more revenue our members generate.

Chat features:

Avatars: Enhance appearance of the chat by displaying avatars of your users.
Integration: groups and friends, provide live communication tool for group members and friends.
Facebook-like mode: Display the chat aligned to the right side of your website.
Themes: Use one of 7 nice-looking themes to quickly adjust the style of the chat.
E-mail notifications: Notify administrator when a new message is posted.
Custom Emoticons: Use your own set of emoticons to enrich the look and feel.
Private messages: Let your users talk to each other in private conversations.
Pending messages: Bring a high quality to the conversations by allowing your moderators to filter all posted messages.
External authentication: Increase range of potential users by allowing them to log in using their accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

and much more...

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