How a member made almost $8,000 with memes
27.04.2018 4:38 am

How a member made almost $8,000 with memes

Awesome story,


Our team have spent thousands of hours and dollars on the well oiled AI bot that job it is to earn revenue with the human doing little or no work to earn money. Our goal is to have no sign up fee and also to have everything to run on autopilot, time spent activating the smart bot would be the only investment needed to generate revenue.

Years ago we did a beta test on our bot, a few people signed up to test our bot. We gave the people a list of task to complete.

After the they completed the tasks,

We used that information to activte the smart bot system. Once the bot was fully activated in all areas the bot was able to do online task to make the system start the cycle and focus on generating revenue. 

We have a complex system that allows one bot to control other bots in order to make them work as a team to get a job done. 

All of the beta testers that signed up generated revenue through the system, But one beta tester earned over $7,500 in the satire/ funny/meme/viral category. This is not including all of the other businesses that generated revenue that we offer to our members for the smart bots to manage. 





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